Afghan Kush

  • 14%

THC: 14%                 CBD: .30%              CBN: .80%


Afghan Kush is an almost 100% indica strain. True to its namesake, Afghan Kush can be found growing in natural abundance along the Hindu Kush mountain range of Afghanistan, where it was traditionally harvested to make hashish. Buds of this strain are dense, fluffy and covered in trichomes. Like most indicas, Afghan Kush has long, broad leaves. It flowers for approximately eight weeks and, because of its resilience, it is often recommended for beginner growers.

During flowering, Afghan Kush tends to have a spicy aroma that eventually tones down and develops into something much sweeter once curing. These buds end up smelling earthy and fruity, with a sweet taste that mimics its scent.


Because it is almost primarily indica, the high from Afghan Kush is found more in the body than in the mind. Afghan Kush is a strain of cannabis that will make you feel very euphoric and happy at first, but an intense body buzz leads into a prolonged period of intense laziness, sleepiness and hunger. In typical indica fashion, this strain will leave you with a bad case of the munchies. Other side effects include dry mouth, red eyes and dizziness.


Afghan Kush is prescribed for patients suffering from extreme pain and stress-related conditions. Because it gives users a high that makes them feel sedative, euphoric and hungry, Afghan Kush is also a great match for anyone dealing with insomnia, depression or lack of appetite.