Blue Dream

  • 24%

THC: 24%                 CBD: .20%              CBN: .01%


Blue Dream has become a staple among West Coast-bred cannabis strains. Praised by new and seasoned users alike, Blue Dream is known for its long, thin leaves and dense buds of deep green, covered in orange pistils. This sativa-dominant strain, bred from Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze, has a distinct taste: sweet berry. It has a dank, fruity smell.


Blue Dream gives patients quick pain relief while keeping them alert and creative. Blue Dream does not have a sedative side effect, but instead, it relaxes users, leaving them feeling happy and creative. Side effects of using Blue Dream include dry eyes and mouth and, when used in high doses, feelings of paranoia and anxiety.


Due to its high THC content, Blue Dream is often used to treat mental and physical pain. Because it gives users the pain-killing effect without the feelings of sleepiness, it is popular among patients suffering from chronic symptoms of severe pain, anxiety and depression.