Bubba Kush

  • 15%

THC: 15%                 CBD: .37%              CBN: .30%


Bubba Kush is an indica blend with parentage that, before its 1998 introduction to the US market, can be traced back specifically to Hindu Kush. Since then, it’s been selectively crossbred with such strains as OG Kush, West Coast Dog and Old World Kush, all indicas.

Bubba Kush comes in distinctly thick, bulbous buds of dark and light green, sprinkled with tiny white crystals and long, stringy orange hairs. This strain grows well indoors and is naturally resistant to molds and other pests. It flowers in between eight and nine weeks and yields significantly less than other plants, but it makes up for its small yield with thick, large buds that pack a serious punch.


This indica begins with a head buzz but quickly moves on to the rest of the body, igniting feelings of laziness, hunger and couch-lock. This is a strain that is indicative of the lazy stoner stereotype. Users report feeling extreme euphoria and happiness, as well as goofiness and a seriously dangerous case of the munchies. Beyond the regular side effects of red eyes and dry mouth, Bubba Kush is known to produce dizziness, feelings of paranoia and sometimes headaches, when used in high doses. This is a great strain for nighttime use.


Because Bubba Kush is a strain with heavy indica properties, it is often prescribed to patients suffering from extreme aches and pains. It is also often prescribed to those who deal with extreme insomnia, anxiety, and other conditions related to stress. Because it induces a strong feeling of hunger, it is used often by patients recovering from anorexia or undergoing chemotherapy as well.