• 17%

THC: 17%                 CBD: .05%              CBN: .57%


It is believed that Cheese first emerged in the UK during the late 80’s, when a one-of-a-kind female phenotype of Skunk #1 was cloned, crossbred with Afghan Kush and passed on. Since then, it’s been crossbred with different indica-heavy breeds of Afghani origin to produce the pungent, orange-haired hybrid strain we know today as Cheese.

This strain has buds that are light and covered on all sides in short trichomes. Cheese gets its name from its taste and aroma, which uncannily resembles a strong cheese. Its smell and taste have been likened to blue cheese and sharp cheddar. Users also report hints of fruitiness and skunkiness.


When consumed, this strain gives users a strong burst of euphoria that leads into a very mellow, relaxing high. Because Cheese is an indica-dominant strain, users report feeling lethargy and couch lock. The mellow head high usually gives way to increased appetite later on.

Although it is an indica-dominant strain, the sativa effects come through quite clearly when using Cheese. Users of this strain report feeling a great deal of pain relief and increased appetite. A few possible side effects of using Cheese include dry eyes and dry mouth, and in some less-experienced users, it could ignite feelings of paranoia. All in all, this is a strain best suited for nighttime, since it will make you feel very hungry and tired.


Due to its indica-heavy makeup, Cheese is a great strain for someone looking to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and feelings of overwhelming stress. This strain induces feelings of relaxation and, because it is indica-dominant, helps ease the mind. Cheese is prescribed for pain relief as well.