Everything to know about Issue 3


This November, Ohioans have the opportunity to vote wither or not to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational uses. Many people are left confused and have questions about Issue 3, the constitutional amendment that is on the ballot this year. We’re going to go over some of the most pressing questions regarding Issue 3 to help you understand what you can and cannot do if the Issue were to pass.

First and foremost, Issue 3 legalizes medical marijuana. In order to qualify for medical marijuana, you need to get a doctor’s recommendation and certification to use cannabis as treatment for a qualifying medical condition. You won’t be able to go to any physician, you’ll have to already have an existing relationship with your doctor to be recommended. Conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis c, Crohn’s disease and more are qualifying conditions under the medical marijuana proposal.

The amendment says that there can be one dispensary, or retail marijuana store, per 10,000 Ohio residents. Based off of the current census, that means there will be about 1,150 stores in total. Each retail store will need to be approved by voters in the precinct where the dispensary will be located and is similar to how liquor store operate. If all the deadlines in the amendment are met, these retails stores can sell wholesale marijuana to eligible residents by summer 2016.

If you’re a state resident and over the age of 21, you can legally grow up to four flowering cannabis plants at a time. You need to make sure the location is secure and the public cannot see the plants. There is no limit on plants that do not flower. If you’re looking to grow you need to get a $50 homegrown license, but other than that there is nothing stopping you from growing your own personal supply.

There are some things that Issue 3 prohibits. For instance, you will not be allowed to smoke or consume cannabis in a public place. This means schools, daycares, prisons, planes, trains, boats, and automobiles are off limits while you’re smoking your weed.

Issue 3 also prohibits driving while high. You’re not allowed to operate or control a vehicle of any type (plane, train, boat, car) while you are under the influence of weed. This is currently being written into Ohio law, so it will be enforced.

You also won’t be able to sell your own weed. In fact, you can’t really sell any marijuana, but you can share up to 8 ounces with a friend. This amendment prohibits any kind of trading or bartering that may happen with homegrown weed.

Many people support this plan, but there is another issue out there, Issue 2, that is another proposed constitution amendment. The Ohio General Assembly proposed Issue 2 to prohibit certain entities like monopolies and cartels from being written into the Constitution of Ohio. This is a conflict with Issue 3 because there is a paragraph that nullifies initiatives involved with a Schedule 1 substance, which Issue 3 is. If both of these Issues pass in Ohio this November, the issue that has the largest number of votes becomes law.