Green Crack

  • 15%

THC: 15%                 CBD: .41%              CBN: .12%


Green Crack, a strong sativa blend, was first bred in the 1970s by cloning Skunk #1. Since then, there has risen a second lineage of Green Crack, one that is 75% indica dominant. This second version of the strain, however, is less popular than its a sativa counterpart.

Green Crack was originally called “Crush,” but was later given the name we use today by legendary stoner, Snoop Dogg. Its buds come tight and dense, bright green in color and covered in thick orange hairs and tiny white resin crystals. It smells and tastes fruity, with hints of mango, orange and lemon. This sativa strain is recommended for beginner growers. It typically flowers for seven to nine weeks, yielding a medium to high crop.


Green Crack gets its name from the intense mental buzz it induces, leading to a period of alertness and sharp focus that lasts for hours on only a couple of hits. Green Crack is highly recommended for daytime use, especially if you’re looking for a buzz that will leave you feeling creative, motivated and alert.


This strain is a great match for patients suffering from symptoms of depression, including stress, fatigue, lack of appetite and lack of motivation. Green Crack is also a good strain of cannabis for treating other cognitive problems such as anxiety, ADHD and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as moderate aches and pains.