• 7%

THC: 7%                 CBD: 16%              CBN: .02%


Harlequin is not your typical bud. Known for its high CBD content more than anything else, this sativa-dominant strain was bred from Colombian Gold and different strains of Thai and Swiss landrace. Harlequin is a mostly earthy smoke but can have a pine type aroma to it.


Harlequin’s very low THC content means that the high is not going to be very potent, but it is there. A very clear headed type of high, due to the cannabinoids counteracting with the low THC content, leaving you feeling relaxed, alert and focused. This strain is great for daytime use and high-functioning activities.


This is primarily a pain relieving strain of cannabis that also helps with anxiety. Medical benefits include helping to soothe chronic pain, arthritis, and stress while also assisting with inflammation without making you lethargic.

You will need to take a higher dose in order to get the full pain relieving effects which leads to very dry mouth and extremely dry eyes. So water for hydration and eye drops are recommended.