• 21%

THC: 21%                 CBD: .20%              CBN: .03%


Headband is an indica-dominant hybrid made from OG Kush, Master Kush and Sour Diesel. This strain has a smell and taste that has been likened to sour pine. Headband can be cultivated outside but thrives indoors, where it flowers for ten weeks before often producing high yields. It is a strain recommended for beginner to intermediate growers.


Headband gets its name for the foggy pressure it creates in your head, making it feel as if the user wearing a headband. This strain packs a punch, with a heavy onset feeling of spaciness that treads its way into bodily euphoria. Some users find with this euphoria comes a burst of energy and feelings of creativity. Headband is a strain that leaves users feeling spaced out, so it is best recommended for nighttime use, or any time when mental focus isn’t required.


Due to its high THC content and mood elevating qualities, Headband is a strain of cannabis often prescribed to patients suffering from depression and high levels of stress. It is a quality strain to prescribe for someone suffering from moderate pain, but it may not be strong enough to ease severe pain. It is used to treat migraines and muscle spasms as well.