Weed Firecrackers: How to Make Them

Ever since marijuana became a ‘mainstream’ recreational drug, that was available to everyone if they wanted to get it, rules and regulations were formed around it to control the ‘organic drug’ since the law makers were misinformed enough back then. Most banned the drug, most allowed limited use but it was never legal. And people, as clever as they are, found ways to get it through without the lawmakers and enforcers noticing. Hence came the pot brownies and, what we’re going to talk about today, weed firecrackers. Weed firecrackers, when done right, are some of the easiest ways to get high without even lighting one up, and here’s how you make them:


To start off you’re going to need some graham crackers, organic peanut butter or even Nutella. The goal is to have the potency of the marijuana absorbed into the spread and the last ingredient, of course, is half a gram of weed for every firecracker you make. Be sure to get the right amount of weed to have the same potency in ever firecracker. And you’re going to need something else too, that is arguably the most important. I don’t want to sound like ‘the man’ and rain down on your parade, but be responsible. Don’t get high and wonder off doing immature acts. Bake these firecrackers at home alone, in a cozy tight place and if you’re with someone, do the same.

The Assembly line:

Now that we have everything, it’s time for assembly. Take one graham cracker and apply the spread evenly across the cracker. If you prefer using peanut butter, just make sure it isn’t the generic supermarket brand, but something on the organic side. Reason being that the supermarket brand doesn’t absorb the potency as well or at all for that matter. You can apply the spread on the top part of the ‘sandwich’ of the cracker, but I’d advice against that since you’d be using a specific amount of the weed. Now sprinkle the half gram evenly across the spread. Before doing so, chop up the marijuana so that it is sprinkle able. Now this is something you HAVE to remember and what most people often look over.

Once you have the entire weed in place, gently with your finger, press down on the weed so that it is half way down in the spread. This way, there’ll be no chance of the crackers coming out non-potent. I’ve often heard people tell tales of their ‘firecrackers not exploding’ and I always tell them this little trick, so remember this! Next what you’ll need to do is get another graham cracker and make a sandwich biscuit. If any spread flows out, you can even it out with a knife and if any weed falls out, just replace it back in. You don’t want to waste it. Next step is getting an aluminum wrap, which is easily available in any supermarket, and ‘shrink wrapping’ the cookie. By shrink wrap I mean that you have to completely cover the entire cracker because the essential need is baking the cookie (no pun intended) without burning it, just getting the heat to it. The heat will transfer the THC to the spread.

Before you begin this whole journey of getting high in the most unique way you can, remember to turn your oven on and pre heat it to around 335. You will be leaving the aluminum wrapped graham cracker sandwiches in there for a total of 25 minutes but half way through, at around the 15 minutes mark, make sure to check the firecrackers for any signs of burning. If they are, take them out, if they aren’t, keep them in. Once you hit the 25 minute mark, take them out and leave them to cool, as with any dessert. Once they cool down, unwrap the firecrackers and serve them with a dip if you want, otherwise they are completely finished. They’ll come out looking a little beat up but I promise you, if you followed all the instructions, you’ll have a firecracker that will explode.

Kick back n Relax:

So kick back, relax, play some Bob Marley, and have good time either if you’re with someone or alone. You’ll have a good time baking these and an even better time eating them and if you have any other queries of even suggestions, please leave us a note. If you somehow didn’t understand the recipe, there are many videos that outline the whole procedure. Just remember to enjoy responsibly!