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Hybrid Marijuana Strains

The science behind a hybrid marijuana strain is closely studied to be perfected. The idea is to create a breed with certain ideal characteristics from the parent plants. These characteristics depend on how much of each plant is used to achieve its traits.

To do so, a grower will extract the pollen from the male plant to fertilize the flower of a female plant of a strain. When possible, the desired combination will be crossbred multiple times. This ensures that the outcome will be the perfect strain of marijuana.

A pure cannabis breed is only crossbred with similar plants to attain the closest purity. By way of “cubing”, growers can create stable hybrid strains with different plants. Unstable hybrid strains can be developed by way of crossbreeding with careful consideration to what traits will occur with the new plant variety.

The resulting strains are then named, often to note the original dominate plant used to produce the new variety.

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September 14, 2015

Girl Scout Cookies

THC: 26%                 CBD: .20%              CBN: .50% Intro: A very popular marijuana hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies (or GSC) is a hybrid of OG Kush and Durban […]