LA Confidential Kush

  • 21%

THC: 21%                 CBD: .10%              CBN: .04%


LA Confidential is an easy to grow mildew resistant strain of indica made famous in the Los Angeles area for its OG Kush lineage. That’s right, we got a real LA movie star here with multiple awards and the visuals of this LA Confidential bud does not disappoint. We’re talking about dark purples, light greens, and red hairs to go along with a strong earthy skunk smell that will kick down your door and invade your nostrils.


LA Confidential is not going to get you focused on any tasks at hand, instead expect a relaxing high that leads to a sleepy time effect. So if your plan is to stay in and watch a movie while gorging on food and laughing hysterically with friends, then this is the bud for you. Yes, this strain gives you a hefty high of the Kush variant, meaning a dreamy psychedelic high with a smooth piney taste that will put novice consumers down to sleep. LA Confidential will also lower anxiety while assisting in numbing of the body without being too powerful to knock you out too quick.


The medical benefits of LA Confidential focus on stress and pain relief allowing your mind and body a soothing calm. LA Confidential is also a strong assistant in fighting insomnia and will remedy your lack of appetite. There is a little paranoia associated with this strain due to its psychedelic effects but just a small amount that is erased by the stress relieving properties. This LA Confidential strain also leads to dry mouth and eyes.