Lemon Kush

  • 16%

THC: 16%                 CBD: .50%              CBN: .10%


Lemon Kush is an extremely popular type of hybrid with ambiguous origins. Some strains of Lemon Kush are bred from Lemon Joy and Master Kush. Some come about when you crossbreed Lemon G13 and Afghan Kush. While the genetics of this hybrid strain are often debated, everyone agrees that this is a hybrid that is favored by those who use it.

Lemon Kush buds are light and green and covered in trichomes. This strain gives off a strong aroma of citrus and lemon. This suggests high levels of Limonene, a compound found in lemon rind and believed to possibly fight off carcinogens and reduce cancer cell growth. It tastes like lemon as well, and has earthy undertones. Lemon Kush is a low to medium yielding strain that flowers for about 8 to 10 weeks; it never exceeds six feet in height.


Lemon Kush produces a high that is the best of both worlds. Matching the couch lock of indica strains with the burst of euphoria and creativity found upon using sativas, Lemon Kush provides what is typically thought of as a classic high. In social settings, Lemon Kush will make you relaxed but alert and talkative; this makes it a great daytime strain. Common side effects of using Lemon Kush can include headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, dry eyes and feelings of paranoia.


Lemon Kush is a great strain of cannabis for patients suffering from high levels of stress and mood disorders such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Lemon Kush can be used to relieve moderate pain but it is not recommended for severe pain.