Maui Waui

  • 11%

THC: 11%                 CBD: .09%              CBN: .05%


Maui Waui, or Maui Wowie, is named as such because of the strain’s origin from the tropical shores of Hawaii. Maui Waui is a mid to high grade mostly sativa strain that has the benefit of being sweet and flavorful with an aroma of sweet pineapples, bringing you straight to that Hawaiian tropical state of mind.


Maui Waui will give you a somewhat energetic high allowing you into a state to explore your creative side. The euphoric effects raises your spirits and helps with many ailments dealing with stress and anxiety. While the effects do hit quickly, the high may slowly creep up on you. Maui Waui is the type of cannabis to take before a relaxing day outside or before a get together leaving you happy as a clam. This tropical strain will leave you with dry mouth and some dry eyes with virtually no paranoia. It will leave you with a strong case of the munchies making you ready to snack on anything in site.


Maui Waui is recommended for treating stress-related issues and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. It is also used to treat chronic pain.