Mr. Nice

  • 13%

THC: 13%                 CBD: .53%              CBN: .11%


Mr. Nice, also known as Mr. Nice Guy, is an indica strain whose lineage comes from the legendary government G-13 strain. Mr. Nice also has some Northern Lights in its parentage creating this amazing strain that was said to be lost since the 80’s. Mr. Nice is named after Howard Marks, an infamous Welsh marijuana smuggler who wrote a book titled ‘Mr. Nice’ after serving seven years of a twenty-five year sentence. Mr. Nice is light green with many white crystallized hairs over the buds. The smell is earthy with a strong pungent smell. The taste is sweet and smooth.


Mr. Nice is quick acting and will give you a strong body high without locking you into your couch cushions. While the buds are small they are actually just condensed and contain a powerful punch. Mr. Nice starts mellow but picks up steam giving you a clean euphoric high that can help relax your mind as well as your body. Mr. Nice will help to get you into sweet dream mode but may have you running for the cupboards to look for something to snack on. This is not a focused based strain, but if taken lightly will allow you to work on things if creativeness is a need.


The medical benefits of Mr. Nice focus on stress as it should help to dissolve your worries away and put you and your body into a calm mood. Mr. Nice will help with insomnia helping you drift off to a good night’s sleep while it also helps with the management of pain without putting you in a stupor. Therefore it can help with chronic pain and muscle spasms. Mr. Nice will give you dry mouth and somewhat dry eyes, as most strains.