Northern Lights

  • 15%

THC: 15%                 CBD: .18%              CBN: .30%


Northern Lights is one of the biggest names in cannabis known for its highly crystallized coat on top of lightly green colored buds, long red hairs and occasional purple shades. The extremely resilient Northern Lights plant is known to spring resin-filled buds. Supposedly this indica was first bred in Seattle, Washington before having strains mailed to Holland where it really took off and reached world fame by winning many awards.


Northern Lights hits you in a variety of ways and starts with a smooth and pungent taste. This strain’s main effects comes from its tension melting properties allowing your stress to be whisked away while also putting you in a pleasant euphoric state and providing your body with a numbing feeling to soothe pain and restlessness. Northern Lights gives you a quick high and will eventually put you in a psychedelic state allowing you to float off into a dream fueled sleep.


The medical benefits of Northern Lights support stress and anxiety relief while also being good in the arena of pain management without fully putting you to sleep. Northern Lights will also assist in remedying your lack of appetite by kicking your hunger into gear. Like most buds, there is good amount of dry eyes and mouth associated with this strain so keep eye drops handy and stay hydrated.