Purple Haze

  • 14%

THC: 14%                 CBD: .14%              CBN: .05%

Purple Haze, like its Jimi Hendrix namesake, is truly a classic. Purple Haze is known to be very sticky while the buds have varieties of purple shades to them giving more credence to the name. This strain provides a powerful surge of a euphoric high that will have you in a dreamy creative state that some may even call psychedelic.

Purple Haze opens the flood gates to the creative center of your brain allowing you to explore your imaginative side. This strain will have you feeling positive and joyful for a long period of time. The aroma is earthy and spicy but has hints of berry and sweetness embedded within.

The medical benefits of Purple Haze are with soothing of stress, anxiety, and depression while also effective in numbing pain. Definitely a dry mouth effect so have plenty of water on hand for hydration.