Rolling Blunts

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Rolling a blunt may seem like it would be a hard task. If your someone that has never rolled a joint, maybe you should master how to roll a joint first.

Step 1: Prepare blunt wrap by splitting it and extracting the tobacco [guts].

Step 2: Make sure the wrap is fresh and moist to roll with.

Step 3: Break down your herd, and be sure to get rid of any stems that may puncture the blunt wrap.

Step 4: When ready to roll up, place your herb in evenly and hold both ends firmly.

Step 5: Do some pre rolls on it by tucking the bottom and rubbing it up and down to mold the herb.

Step 6: Once molded, you can easily continue to roll tightly, and loose enough to get good airflow.

Step 7: Lick the last of the wrap to seal the end and your done.

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