Rolling Blunts

Rolling a blunt may seem like it would be a hard task. If your someone that has never rolled a joint, maybe you should master how to roll a joint first.

Step 1: Buy a Pre-Prapared Blunt Rap!

Step 2: Grind up your herb.

Step 3: Open your Blunt Rap and place your herb on the middle like you would load up a fat joint.

Step 4: Start to fold it under and tuck it in, this is a little different then the way you do a joint. After you try it a few times you will understand how to tuck it with the thicker paper a rap can consist of.

Step 5: Lick it real good and make sure the last bit of remaining rap is laid down very flesh with the entire cylinder blunt shape.

Step 6: Add a little heat to the blunt so that all your spit is dried up. You can put it in a microwave for 6 seconds and that should finish it up. But you can use a flame from a lighter but be very careful not to hold the fire in one spot to long.

Step 7: Time to enjoy your work! Hold a strong lighter flame to the optimal lighting end for about 10-20 seconds or until it has a strong cherry. You probably know what to do from here, so enjoy!