Smoking Marijuana Alone

While smoking a blunt with friends can be a favorite pastime for any stoner, however, the benefits of smoking marijuana alone can be endless. How beneficial it actually is, depends on the individual. Smoking in a social setting can be overwhelming and uncomfortable for some people, and at the same time, some smokers find themselves bored and wishing there were company around when they smoke alone. People experience the effects of marijuana in different ways and everyone has their own preference but smoking by yourself in the comfort of your own home can have some very positive effects on your life.
Now, in my personal opinion as a regular cannabis user, I find that I smoke more often by myself. I don’t necessarily do this on purpose, however I do find it to be a more meaningful experience than smoking in a social setting. In fact, smoking in isolation is not only a way for the user to feel more comfortable and relaxed, it has been proven to give people higher feelings of self-worth and treat depression for those afflicted by it. And, as odd as it may seem, recent studies have shown that using marijuana affects the receptors in the brain that work to soften emotional pain and make the fear of rejection less overwhelming.
About half of the human population in the world are predominately introverted by nature. Cannabis can produce tremendous results for people who are working to feel more comfortable in their own skin. When the smoker uses by their self, it can be an excellent opportunity to explore their mind and consciousness, things they would tend to overlook in a social environment. For some people, social settings can cause feelings of being uncomfortable and awkwardness, and marijuana can enhance those feelings, however when used alone it can have a completely different effect. It can inspire creativity and acceptance, as well as offer a better understanding of life in general.
Feelings of depression and anxiety can be a crippling feeling and prevent people from enjoying life. Marijuana can be a miracle drug for people who are diagnosed with these mental illnesses. It can help people to analyze situations and think optimistically. Feelings of anger, irritability, and low self-esteem can seem to drift away and smooth the edges of this harsh and fast paced reality we live in. It can help people to find the humor in life and to seek out the light in this seemingly dark world.
Using marijuana alone can also help users discover creativity within themselves that they otherwise would’ve never known was in them. There have been studies and experiments performed to determine just how true this theory is, and the results showed that marijuana use, typically in smaller doses, help users to think using creative processes and inspire originality. Divergent thinking and convergent thinking were used to measure patients’ level of creativity. Divergent thinking, like brainstorming, is a thought process in which the person thinks of many different solutions to a problem, and convergent thinking is the process in which the brain determines which solution is the best. The study showed that users were able to outperform non-users in convergent thinking and coming up with creative solutions to complex problems. Beyond the scientific evidence, there are countless examples of artists, musicians, engineers and so many other people who attribute their creativity to the use of cannabis.
While smoking by yourself can increase the clarity and the creativity in your thought process, there are other benefits as well. Using marijuana can allow people to form their own ideas about topics that society tells us is one way or another. Cannabis allows the user to think outside the box and be comfortable about their beliefs and ideas. It’s somewhat of an escape from the black and white world we live in where everything is drawn out and explained to us a certain way. When people are able to feel comfortable with their ideas, even if they’re not aligned with what priests, teachers, or politicians have told us to believe, it can be a liberating feeling and very beneficial to people who feel awkward or outcast because of their personal beliefs
Cannabis is often called a gateway drug, a false stereotype that I think should be considered the gateway to regaining carefree happiness, engaging back in your life, and an urge to do all kinds of exciting things or turning boring times seem unforgettable. It can enhance the colors of the world around you and give you the welcoming attitude to truly experience and understand your life.