Is Vaporizing Cannabis Worth It?

Vaporizing your cannabis has been a method of consumption that has been gaining more and more popularity, because it is so much safer and healthier for you than smoking, which is a big plus to think about.
Vaporizing is when you take cannabis flower, cannabis oil, or concentrates and you heat it to a controlled temperature that is not going to combust the material, but is going to release the cannabinoids and terpenes, so that you will be inhaling a light vapor, rather than a harsh smoke that happens when you burn the plant material.
So, let’s talk about smoking. Whenever you are smoking, whether it’s a pipe or a joint, about 88% of the combusted smoke gases that you end up inhaling, contain non cannabinoid elements, so you are inhaling carbon monoxide intake and most of which do not much benefit and does provide potential health risks. Some studies have even shown that when smoking cannabis on a regular basis, it has had cases where it has led to bronchitis or emphysema and periodontal. There have also been cases of shortness of breath and it can impair some of your immune cells. Now, there are water pipes that do tend to eliminate more of the tar and carcinogens then straight smoking, as the smoke tends to get somewhat filtered through the water, however, you should know that the water is also going to filter out some of the cannabinoid medicinal properties as well. So, even though the water does help some, it doesn’t remove the health risks. It really just lessens them a little bit.
Here are a some of the benefits to vaporizing your cannabis. First off, when you are vaporizing your cannabis, you are actually inhaling approximately 95% of the cannabinoids and receiving none of the negative effects that you get from smoking. So that is a real plus. Secondly, when you are vaporizing, it is more efficient, so you are inhaling more of the cannabinoids and terpenes, instead of burning them off. This means that you are actually going to end up using less cannabis, which means you are going to save more money. Also, when you are vaporizing, you are heating your cannabis at a much lower temperature, so it is going to end up feeling cooler, and much less harsh on the back of your throat, which means overall it just going to be much easier on your system. Vaporizing devices also require less frequent cleaning, and you are going to find that when they do need cleaning, they are much easier to clean than smoking devices. Another benefit from vaporizing is the odor. There is much less smell in vapor than there is in smoke, meaning the smell of marijuana won’t cling to your hair, your clothes and furniture. The strong odor of marijuana can draw unwanted attention sometimes from others, but with vapor the smell is actually much more minimal, and it disappears much faster. When vaporizing, you will also notice that you can taste so many more of the favors in your cannabis, which just makes for a much more enjoyable experience.
Now, even with all the benefits from vaporizing, smoking cannabis is still a very sacred ritual. There’s just something about smoking cannabis the same way our ancestors have for so many years that is just irreplaceable. Smoking marijuana does also provide a different sensation, heavier in the body. When smoking marijuana on a regular basis is your primary source of consumption, over a period of time, you will also notice that you develop a daily cough and mucus and phlegm will tend to come up, especially noticeable when you take a break from smoking. Overall, you will notice more chest colds and a weaker immune system from smoking, as well.
So, if you are someone who typically smokes your cannabis, I encourage you to give vaporizing a try because you will be quite surprised at the difference.