White Widow

  • 15%

THC: 15%                 CBD: .13%              CBN: .05%


Perhaps one of the most famous strains of cannabis is White Widow, first bred in the Netherlands by crossing together a Brazilian sativa landrace with a South Indian indica. White Widow is known the world over for its presence in the famous coffee shops of Amsterdam. This strain is quite potent, with buds covered in tiny white resin crystals, giving it the appearance of being covered in sugar. White Widow has a strong, sour fragrance and a taste that is fruity, piney and flowery. White Widow flowers in about sixty days.


White Widow gives users a strong burst of euphoria, which gives way to a high that makes the user feel happy, energetic, creative and talkative. Side effects of using this strain include dry eyes and mouth, as well as dizziness and headaches, when used in high doses.


White Widow is typically used to treat feelings of stress, as well as depression and anxiety. It is also used to treat severe pain, nausea and lack of appetite.